Our facilities ventilation circuit is two separated underground plant that has first plant two and second plant with three different inclined shaft link to earth surface.

Mine ventilation system provide with exhaust method.

First plant has one fresh air entrance and one return air exhaust inclined shaft.

Second plant has two separated fresh air entrances and one return air exhaust inclined shaft.

Serial and natural ventilation method does not apply our facilities exactly.

There are 12 pieces of main fans and totally installed power is 1975 Kw.

Main ventilation fans can control of lower and upper boundaries and basic features like air velocity and air flow direction via adjustable frequency converter.

Auxiliary fans energy supply from both on grid and generators backup system at the same time. So these fan topologies are continuously working all times exactly.

Backup fans are automatically switch to working instead of any defective of main fans.

When ventilation fan is defective, audio alarm system and light ignition works immediately where is gas monitoring and alert system center.

Ventilation network can reverse condition on emergency situation.